Week 1 – Introduction

August 10, 2015 Posted by The Weight Equation

Why do skinny people have SLOW metabolisms? Why is fast food healthier than food you prepare at home? Why doesn’t your metabolism slow down because of older age?

The Weight Equation is a blog dedicated to helping you understand your body weight. I bet you’ve heard and read thousands of different “facts” about what affects your body weight. If you’re like most people, the information overload has you more confused than ever! It doesn’t help that half of the information you hear seems to contradict the other half. One week a Stanford study will tell you how a high protein diet will help you lose weight and the next week a study out of Princeton will tell you rats in a lab lost the most weight on an all fruit diet.

Over the next 52 weeks, The Weight Equation will cut through the madness and give you all the information you will ever need to control your body weight. Most of you reading this are probably interested in losing weight but you may be very surprised to learn that there are many people interested in gaining weight. The principles you will learn while following this blog will help you accomplish your goals regardless of what they are.

Everyone’s body follows a quite simple mass balance equation and once you understand that equation the proverbial door is open for you and the sky is the limit! What is a mass balance equation you ask? It’s a fancy term scientists use to describe the relationship between something entering a system and something leaving. In The Weight Equation, the “system” is your body and calories are the “something” entering and leaving. In any mass balance equation there are only three possibilities. The rate at which something enters a system can be greater than, less than, or equal to the rate at which it leaves. This blog is going to try to go very light on the math but it is absolutely pivotal that you understand the concept of mass balance. This entire blog revolves around the three possible outcomes of The Weight Equation:

If Calories In > Calories Out THEN you gain weight
If Calories In < Calories Out THEN you lose weight
If Calories In = Calories Out THEN your weight stays constant

I started this blog because I am extremely passionate about nutrition and its effects on body weight, composition, and athletics. Every day I see people struggle to make sense of all the information about nutrition that is constantly shot at them from every conceivable direction. A lot of the information is completely false or taken out of context, and it is repeated so often, by so many people, it is eventually taken as truth. I hear these nutritional fallacies propagated every day and it really sets me off. I’m well known for turning an innocent comment like: “well vegetables are really healthy for you”, into an hour long nutritional lecture. I just can’t help myself, when I hear these nutritional fallacies it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. I decided to put everything down in one place, in a blog, so I can avoid this urge to educate everybody I meet on nutrition. Now I can just point them to this blog and the world should be a better place!

This blog will have four different types of entries. The first series of entries will be informational in nature. In these early entries I will describe different types of food and how your body processes each. This part of the blog may seem like more of a college lecture than anything else but stick with it because once you understand the basics of nutrition you will have all the building blocks you need to construct the exact body you desire. Everything else in this blog will build off of these principals and reference the earlier entries.

The next series of entries is where this blog will get really fun! This is where you get to apply the information you learned earlier to the real world. You will see conventional nutrition wisdom in a whole new light. I will explain why skinny people have a tougher time losing weight than heavy people. You will read about why a lot of fat in your diet is a good thing and how you could lose 25 lbs in one week! I will be constantly referring back to concepts from the first series of informational entries so make sure you understand those entries before skipping to this series, it will be worth it.

In the final series of entries I will help you build a plan to achieve whatever goals you may have for your body weight. This will occur after the 52 entries are presented and the case study has concluded. I will share the tips I’ve learned throughout the years and point you towards some great resources. If you stuck with it for the whole year and continue to read this series you will have all the information you will ever need to obtain the body you want. Up until that point you could have claimed ignorance but now discipline is the only thing standing in your way!

Didn’t I say there were four different types of entries in this blog? Why did I only mention three? The fourth type of blog entry will be a live case study and it will be mixed into the rest of the entries. I go through the process of using the Weight Equation to help an individual who has struggled with weight their entire life. You will be able to follow her accomplishments and setbacks live and see her work towards the goals we establish.

Please enjoy the powerful information I am sharing in this blog but remember that I am NOT a nutritionist or a professional. I am simply passionate about the subject. Please consult with your doctor and nutritionist before implementing any diet.