Case Study

How would you like to finally achieve the weight of your dreams? Would the motivation of the world watching your step by step success provide the accountability you’ve been lacking?

I’m offering my humble services for free. We will develop a realistic goal for you together and I will put together a plan to reach that goal following The Weight Equation principles. Each month I will do a video conference call with you to go over your progress and discuss your difficulties. I will evaluate your plan each month based of the results from the previous month and adjust your plan and goals as needed.
The ideal candidate to be The Weight Equation case study subject is someone who would like to lose 30 to 40 pounds. Someone who has already tried many things and had some success but has gained back what they have lost or possibly someone who has lost some weight and has plateaued and wants some help getting out of neutral. The subject must be familiar with Microsoft Excel and have access to a computer as they will be required to maintain a meticulous log of all foods eaten on the free Weight Equation Spreadsheet under the Products tab. Subject must have or be willing to purchase a scale with impedance body fat measurement ability and a food scale.

The case study subject would also be asked to have a Weight Equation Twitter and Instagram account where they would post weekly updates of their success and pictures of meals they’re having along with nutritional information. Before-photos, Progress-photos, and after-photos will be taken and posted on the blog so case study subject must be comfortable with that. The ideal case study subject also likes to eat fast food quite a bit and also is ok with preparing their food at home. Case study subject must be ok with limiting the number of times they eat meals that they did not prepare(such as group meals at friends/family and restaurant meals). This may make it necessary to pre-prepare meals to bring to those types of occasions. You will not be asked to eliminate any foods from your diet.

And finally to spice up this case study a bit…I am asking that the subject pay $100/month upfront(IE $900 up front for 9 months). Each month that you successfully follow The Weight Equation principles you will receive $125 back. If you stick with it the whole way you will make $225 and have the body you’ve always wanted! How’s that for motivation?!? If this is something you’d be interested please comment on this page and leave me your email address and we can chat about it. I won’t post the comment so don’t worry