These are the things you will need if you want follow your own Weight Equation plan. Obviously you don’t need to get them off Amazon but if you like this blog and feel like supporting it, and you’re going to buy the products anyways, please click through the links below. I have tried to show a variety of price ranges for each item.


1) Spreadsheet (Free – Click to Download)

2) Digital Body Weight Scale w/ Body Fat % Impedance Measurements – I use a medium price range Tanita scale  and it has worked great for me but this is one thing you will be using a lot so you may want to consider spending the extra money and getting a nice scale. As you can see below they range from about $30.00 to $450.00 and can even get much higher than that. The more expensive ones offer a lot of features that aren’t necessary for The Weight Equation but you will definitely want to spend at least $45.00. The only required feature necessary to follow The Weight Equation is an impedance body fat percentage measurement feature on the scale but some of the other features, such as being able to track multiple people, might be worth the extra money depending on your particular goals.

3) Food Scale – I recommend a digital scale that has the ability to reset to zero “Tare” with a plate on top. You’ll want to make sure that the scale measures in grams. Sometimes food labels show food in ounces so you may want to go with a scale that measures both grams and ounces. These types of scales typically range from $7.00 to $70.00.  A lower end scale is probably all you’re going to need to follow The Weight Equation but again more features may be handy and may save you time. Just like the body fat scale, you’re going to be using this a lot so it might be a good idea to get a decent one and not go with the cheapest one possible.

3) Measuring Tape – Nothing fancy here but you will want a good tape to take your measurements to calculate your Body Fat % and measure your progress.

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