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My name is Doug and I started this blog because I am super passionate about nutrition. I was born on Williams Air Force Base in what is now Mesa, Arizona. My dad was in the Uniformed Services so we moved around the country a lot when I was younger but he retired in Arizona and that’s the state I’ve called home for the majority of my life. I received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona and am an avid U of A football and basketball fan with season tickets for both. I also consider myself a die hard Diamondbacks fan and when it comes time for the NFL playoffs, you’ll find me rooting for the Green Bay Packers. Since this is a nutrition blog I have to tell you about the foods I like right? I LOVE In-N-Out Burger! My go to meal is a Double-Double with grilled onions and no spread along with a side of fries. My sincere apologies for those of you that don’t live in states that have In-N-Out Burger. I’m also a huge fan of a good steak burrito at Chipotle and I’ll mix in a Whopper from Burger King from time to time for good measure. Sadly, my current place of employment is quite a ways away from any of those options so I’ve had to learn to cook for myself during the week. My weekday staples are grilled ribeye steaks and Chilaquiles. Maybe not the diet you were expecting from a guy that’s writing a nutrition blog? That’s exactly why I think this blog will offer a refreshing and hopefully helpful view of nutrition.

I’m incredibly passionate about nutrition because I’ve struggled with my body weight my entire life though it’s been the opposite problem of most people. I have always been very thin and very self conscious about it. Most people have never given it much thought but I’d saying being a “skinny guy” is looked at more negatively by society than being an overweight guy(although probably a close call) or skinny girl. I would say that according to society, being an overweight girl is the only thing worse that being a skinny guy. For some reason though it’s socially acceptable to make fun of people if they are skinny but not if they are overweight. Combine the negative perception with the fact that it’s difficult to compete athletically without muscle mass and it can make growing up difficult. In recent years a concerning trend has started in the United States. I call this trend the “fat acceptance movement”. I think the trend started as a well-intended movement(no pun intended) to ensure people have a positive body image but in reality all it’s accomplishing is making the overweight majority feel better about their bad choices by making thin people feel self-conscious. This is commonly known as “skinny shaming” and examples of skinny shaming are disturbingly common in recent years.

When I tell you I was thin growing up I’m not kidding around. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, when I graduated college, I was a touch over 5’-10” tall and weighed 118 lbs. That equates to a BMI of 16.9. In 2006 Spain banned female runway models from working if they had BMI’s under 18! I would also estimate that my body fat percentage was around 4% at that time. There isn’t much advice available for people who have trouble gaining weight so over the last 15 years I have educated myself about nutrition to understand how to gain weight. In doing so, I have come to realize that the exact same principles apply to losing weight. The information I’ve come across over the years is spread out and difficult to find so I decided to put this blog together to bring everything people need to know about nutrition and their weight into one place. The Weight Equation, It’s not rocket science but it is science.

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To Be Determined…

Please enjoy the powerful information I am sharing in this blog but remember that I am NOT a nutritionist or a professional. I am simply passionate about the subject. Please consult with your doctor and nutritionist before implementing any diet.

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