Week 03 – Case Study Introduction

As I mentioned in the Week 01 – Introduction, each month there will be a blog entry dedicated to a case study following The Weight Equation principles. To start with, I am going to use myself as the case study subject. I originally was not planning on being the subject myself but shortly after I started this writing this blog in 2011 I realized it would be quite difficult to find a willing and committed participant. In 2011 and again in 2012 I found people who were very interested in being part of the case study but for different reasons neither of them made it very far. For this reason I put the blog’s launch on the backburner until just recently deciding that I would be the subject of the case study for the first few case study entries(and maybe longer). I would still love to find someone that has struggled achieving their weight loss goals and is willing to be a participant in this blog. Please CLICK HERE to see what qualities I’m looking for in the perfect Weight Equation case study subject.

During my adult life I’ve weighed between 118 pounds(age 22) with a body fat percentage of 4% and 150 pounds(age 29) with a body fat percentage of 20%. I’m 32 right now and weigh 135 pounds with a body fat percentage of 14%. Although I’d love to weigh more than 135 pounds I was not content at 20% body fat when I weighed 150 pounds. Like most guys I store my excess body fat around my stomach and after being so thin for so long I was not thrilled about seeing a pooch every time I leaned over. Although I’m much lower now at 14% body fat I can only see a faint outline of my abs attempting to push through my belly fat. In my entire life I’ve never had well defined abs so I thought it might be fun to work towards that goal using the Weight Equation principles and document it as a case study. I have muscle down there I promise, it’s just hiding right now!

In order to see well defined abs I predict that I will need to drop my body fat percentage to 8%. If you’re curious why I picked 8% and how I am measuring my body fat percentage I will be going into a lot more depth on those subjects in Week 21 – Recommended Body Fat Ranges and Week 22 – Measuring Body Fat percentage. To accomplish the 6% drop in body fat percentage I will attempt to create a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day. I initially plan on using a combination of 300 calories per day of exercise and a 200 calorie per day cut in my food intake to create the daily 500 calorie deficit. Although it is impossible to gain muscle mass on a calorie deficit I still don’t want to lose any of my existing muscle mass. Therefore part of my daily exercise goal will be simple weight lifting during work days. I will alternate upper body and lower body each day. The lower body days will consist of three sets of ten repetitions(3-10s) in the squat cage along with 3-10s of single arm bent over rows. The upper body day will consist of 3-10s of bench press along with 3-10s of full supination curls and 3-10s of overhead triceps extensions. I will also run one mile each workday and complete Ab Ripper X. On the weekends I will take one day off and just attempt to be active in some way on the other day whether it’s a hike or an afternoon of wakeboarding.

Ab Ripper X is a popular abdominal workout video that is part of P90X. I could not post a video of the actual P90X workout video due to copyright reasons but here is a YouTube video of a couple performing the workout I will be doing daily.

I will go into more detail on how I arrived at these numbers in Week 17 – Measuring Your Metabolism but below is the breakdown of what my calorie goals will be at each stage. If my calculations are correct and I stay committed I am hoping to lose around 9 pounds of body fat and only 1 pound of muscle in the next ten weeks. This should leave me at a weight of 125 pounds and 8% body fat(and hopefully very nice abs!). I’m also going to attempt to keep my calorie intake at 25% fat, 40% complex carbohydrates, 10% sugars and alcohol, and 25% protein throughout this case study.


After the first month I will have a pretty good idea how close I got to calculating my metabolism and will adjust this table as needed. Below you can see my “Before” Pictures. Hopefully my “After” pictures will look much better!


Date: 7/9/15
Weight: 135
Body Fat: 14%
Waist at Naval: 30.5”

I will be using the spreadsheet below(which I created and am very proud of). You can download the spreadsheet for free on the Products tab. There are tons of great software programs and phone apps that can track calories but I suggest you only use them as a tool to help populate this spreadsheet if you want to use The Weight Equation principles to reach your goals. I am going to allow you to download and peruse the actual spreadsheet I fill out each month as part of the case study. This way you can see exactly what I’m eating during this case study and how much of it. I’m also going to attempt to create an instructional video on how to use the spreadsheet. Hopefully it’s pretty intuitive but there are some cool tricks I’ve built into it.


Last but not least you can get updates on the blog as well as progress I’m making and see pictures of my meals by “liking” The Weight Equation page on Facebook and following The Weight Equation on Twitter and Instagram. Please don’t be shy about sharing The Weight Equation with your friends!

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Please enjoy the powerful information I am sharing in this blog but remember that I am NOT a nutritionist or a professional. I am simply passionate about the subject. Please consult with your doctor and nutritionist before implementing any diet

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