Week 04 – Types of People

TWEScale2I strongly believe 99% of people that struggle with their weight fall into one of three categories:

1) Misinformed and Undisciplined
2) Informed and Undisciplined
3) Misinformed and Disciplined

Unfortunately this blog won’t help you if you are in group 1 or 2. Discipline is absolutely required to control your weight. This should be common sense but I need to throw it out there. If you know you are very undisciplined you can stop reading now because this blog isn’t magic. It was created to help out people in group 3. I am certain the great majority of people have enough self discipline to control their weight they just need the knowledge. Hopefully after finishing this blog you will move into the 4th group of people who doesn’t struggle controlling their weight:

4) Informed and Disciplined

Group 1: Misinformed and Undisciplined

These people are truly lost souls. It’s the worst of both worlds. Members of this group typically have the highest body fat percentages of the four groups and are the least happy with their bodies. This group will tend to make great strides over a short period of time just to see their results and their confidence plummet shortly after. These are the people who pack the gym for two weeks following New Years and never show up again, while letting the gym continue to bill their credit card. Regulars at the gym hate the first month or so after New Years because the group 1 people are hogging all the equipment. Not surprisingly, gyms love these people because they pay membership fees but leave plenty of room in the gym so more memberships can be sold. It’s not just the gym either, all different aspects of the weight loss industry have a vested interest in keeping you uninformed and undisciplined in order to maximize the dollars they can squeeze from you. If you find yourself in this group there is hope. Discipline can be acquired and just like flat results can kill your spirits, having some success can help breed further discipline.

Group 2: Informed and Undisciplined

This group will benefit the least from the blog. Along with the folks in group 1, people in group 2 tend to go all out on a weight loss plan for a short period of time just to lose focus and see all their results disappear. This group is headed in the right direction they just can’t stay on the path very long. Group 2 people tend to overvalue exercise and undervalue eating properly when they start their plans. There’s just no good excuse to struggle with your weight if you understand how food works and can see through the common misconceptions. Many people think they are in group 2 but really they are in group 1. If you find yourself in this group I would recommend looking elsewhere for self help books or seminars to promote discipline. Once you have the discipline part figured out this blog can help you stay informed on how food works. Combine both and you will not struggle with your weight anymore.

Group 3: Misinformed and Disciplined

This is the target audience for The Weight Equation. People in group 3 will benefit the most from reading the entries found here. These people tend to be in the best shape of the three groups but are often the most frustrated. They put in the work and show the self restraint necessary but can’t achieve their goals. They are usually the “gym rats” that consistently show up to work out but have trouble losing that “last five pounds”. It can be very deflating to be in this group because a lot of the effort you put into your body goes unrewarded. If you’re in this group you can stay on the path a long time but you’re just pointed in the wrong direction, maybe even just slightly, and you’ll never reach the correct destination no matter how long your stay on the path.

Which group are you in?

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