Week 07 – Case Study – Month 1


The first case study month technically only covers 3 weeks. I started the case study on July 9th, 2015 and this entry covers July 9th, 2015 thru July 31st, 2015. Feel free to download a copy of the actual spreadsheet I filled out during this time period by clicking HERE or clicking on the spreadsheet images below:

Here’s a look at my daily calorie totals from July 7th – July 31st


Here is the macronutrient distribution for July 7th – July 31st.


I can’t really sugar coat it…it was a rough three weeks. I got off to a bad start right away. If you recall from the Week 03 – Case Study Introduction entry my target for week 1 was 1,973 calories per day. For some reason I had the number 2,150 in my head(my total calculated metabolism before exercise). As you can see on my spreadsheet I didn’t catch this mistake for 5 days so I consumed about 1,000 total calories more than I had originally intended to in that first week.

I did great keeping my calorie consumption close to 1,973 calories per day the second week but ran into more trouble in the final week of July. A confluence of events came together and I had a chance to take a trip to Chicago that I just couldn’t pass up. Unfortunately there were many meals I had during that trip that I could not accurately measure calorie contents. I basically did everything I’m going to spend a year telling people not to do during the course of this blog. The silver lining here is that it is real life and in real life we’re all going to have challenges to our goals and I will show how you can adjust your goals and get back on track even if you suffer a setback. I did the best I could to keep track of my calories during the trip and ended up consuming a whopping 2,500 calories per day….Yikes! According to my goal of 1,973 calories per day I figure I lost another 4,500 calories on that trip. What makes it even worse is because I could not accurately measure the calories I had to make a lot of educated guesses and my calorie intake could be off by as much as 300 or 400 calories per day either way. But I sure did have a great time on that trip. My girlfriend and I visited my grandma at her lakehouse in Wisconsin. We caught fish and cooked them over the campfire. We made homemade ice cream and ate homemade apple pie. We stopped at every winery in Northwest Wisconsin and hit the Leinenkugel’s Brewery on our way over to Chicago where we had Portillo’s and Giordano’s Pizza. Makes my taste buds water just thinking about it!

With all my slip ups in the first period of this case study my total calorie intake was 48,749. I missed my goal of 48,749 total calories from July 7th – July 31st by 3,273 calories. In theory this equates to 0.93 pounds of fat short of my goal of 3 pounds for the first period. As you can see in the table below I lost 1.6 pounds of fat over the period so my calculations were off by 0.5 pounds of fat. Reasons for this difference are probably some combination of bad calorie counting on my trip, overestimating my calories burned during exercise, and overestimating my metabolism calculation. These are all normal sources of error and I should be able to fine tune my calculations as this case study progresses. I am going to stick with my goal of 1973 calories per day until I get to 133 pounds and then adjust downward mid-month in August.


Please enjoy the powerful information I am sharing in this blog but remember that I am NOT a nutritionist or a professional. I am simply passionate about the subject. Please consult with your doctor and nutritionist before implementing any diet.

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